Do you:


  • Have children in your school who find it difficult to concentrate?

  • Have children who struggle to follow instructions?

  • Have children who appear to copy others?

  • Have children who have difficulty speaking?

  • Have children who demonstrate limited vocabulary?

  • Have children who struggle to follow a narrative?

  • Have children who struggle to socialise with peers?








Delayed language can have a huge impact on a child's attainment at school and socially. However, with appropriate early intervention many of these children do have the potential to catch up with their peers.


I understand that the demands of the curriculum often dictate a heavy emphasis on teaching maths and literacy. However, for some children, limited oral language skills mean they will struggle to progress in these areas without additional support. Early identification of language difficulties through a Language Progression Assessment can identify those children for whom it would be necessary to make a clinical referral to Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) and those requiring a suitable school-based intervention to help close the gap between them and their peers. It will also enable us to offer advice and resources for staff to begin supporting children awaiting a SaLT referral. 


Following the assessment process, I am able to offer a number of targeted small group or 1:1 interventions to support children to develop both expressive and receptive language. Alternatively, I can train and advise staff to ensure support can be delivered adequately within the classroom. I pride myself on building a solid rapport with staff to ensure effective collaboration so that strategies are delivered consistently and reinforced both at school and at home for the greatest impact on learning.


Need help to identify and support these children to increase attainment in your school?

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