How does it work?


The programme is designed to support essential pragmatic skills, such as eye contact, spatial awareness, turn-taking, movement, facial expressions, emotions and friendships. It is also great for developing self-esteem and confidence to part-take in class discussion. We usually recommend groups of 6- 8 children with similar needs


The programme is divided into 3 units, delivered once a week across one academic year. Each session follows a similar format with an introduction, game, questioning and role play, an activity and then finishes with us all offering compliments. Depending on the group needs, we can adapt the programme to cover just the necessary skills.


"Language is the basic educational skill and children who have difficulty with language are liable to have difficulty with almost everything else. Whatever else they may need to be taught or learn, they will need language first". Locke, 1985

Socially Speaking


Many schools are familiar with the pragmatics social skills programme that is Socially Speaking. However, limited TA time means that these often much-needed interventions are not delivered consistently enough to have valued impact.

Assessment and Evaluation


Each unit has an assessment and evaluation sheet to be completed with the pupil prior to and post each unit. These provide documented evidence to establish which skills each child needs support with and how they have progressed through the intervention. We also provide regular feedback and achievements so that class teachers can celebrate with the pupils.


Who is the programme for?


Though most children would benefit from a communication skills programme. The children that would benefit most are:


  • Children on the  Autistic Spectrum

  • Children with moderate learning disabilities

  • Those with physical disabilities

  • Children with an EHCP

  • Pupil Premium

  • Children with low self-esteem

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