What is Cued Articulation?


Cued Articulation is an approach devised by Speech and Language Therapist, Jane Passy. It aims to simplify the organisation and articulation of spoken English.

How does it work?

For children who struggle to articulate sounds, the approach uses visual hand clues to signal where and how in the mouth sounds are produced. The method is also proven to support those who have trouble spelling by colour coding consonant sounds.

How can Speakwrite help?

If you recognise a child has trouble with articulating sounds, it may be that they need a routine referral to NHS Speech and Language to rule out any specific physical abnormalities. In some cases, difficulties may be linked to Cerebral Palsy or other cognitive difficulties.

Once we are sure difficulties do not require more specific diagnosis, we will happily work to support a child using the Cued Articulation approach to work on tricky sounds, blending them into words and gradually introducing the words into sentence level. The cues are also an excellent way of providing a visual prompt for those children struggling with phonics.

Feedback and progression

We will provide weekly feedback on progression as well as advice on sounds that will need to be reinforced within the classroom. We are also happy to provide activities and ideas for support at home. 

For an informal chat about Speakwrite delivering this intervention within your school, drop us a line, give us a call.