Talk Boost KS1 

Narrows the gap between 4-7 year olds with language delay and their peers.


What is Talk Boost?

Talk Boost is a targeted intervention designed to improve the language and communication skills of 4-7 year olds whose language skills are below the average for their age.

Talk Boost KS1 can help schools raise Reception and KS1 achievement by:

  • identifying vulnerable learners

  • providing a structured evidence-based programme that accelerates children's progress in language and communication

  • supporting the foundation language skills that lead to phonics

  • increasing classroom participation by improving confidence in listening, vocabulary, narrative, conversation and narrative

How long is the programme?

It comprises of three 30-40 minute group sessions each week, delivered over a period of 10 weeks. 

What does it target?

Talk Boost breaks language and communication down into five component parts, with a focus on a specific area each week :

  • Attention and listening

  • Vocabulary

  • Building Sentences

  • Telling stories

  • Conversations

Classroom link

Throughout the programme there are a number of activities for the teacher to link to whole class work, allowing reinforcement and evidence of speaking and listening from the participating children.

Tracking progress

Schools are able to access the online Tracker to measure outcomes of the intervention and to download and print off reports for Senior Leadership Teams, Ofsted and Governors.

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