NEW "Tongue Twizzlers"



Our work with local schools has highlighted a huge need to increase narrative language skills amongst pupils. The ability to use language to recall and retell events and stories is essential to every child’s success in socializing and accessing the curriculum. Without the ability to retell a sequence of events verbally with increasing complexity, a child will struggle with written stories.



"Tongue Twizzlers" is an 8 week programme that uses class based stories and topics to consider 'wh' questions through drama and games. It aims to offer schools a flexible method of providing an affordable and consistent weekly intervention for children age 4- 7 years identified with weak language skills.













How long is the programme?

The programme is delivered 45 minutes once a week for a total of 8 weeks. However, we will need to visit children to carry out pre and post-intervention assessments, making our engagement 10 weeks in total.


Progression & Assessment

A quick language skills checklist will be forwarded to the class teacher to help them establish which children are most in need of additional support. Once groups are established, a narrative assessment will be carried out pre and post-intervention to provide evidence of progression.


Curriculum Impact

For an intervention to have the greatest impact it is essential that we work collaboratively with staff and parents. Topic vocabulary and narrative are carefully linked to each session. We are also happy to supply electronic copies of all visuals used to support communication in our sessions which can then be reinforced within a whole class environment. This is a great way of allowing participating pupils to 'show off' their language skills and confidence!



Ideal for children who have:

  • difficulty with attention and listening

  • poor expressive language

  • difficulty understanding

  • difficulty with auditory processing

  • difficulty sequencing and following stories

  • limited vocabulary

  • struggle to form relationships with peers

  • lack of imagination

  • low self-esteem or are quiet and withdrawn


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