Language Progression Assessments & Reports


The Communication Trust Language Progression Tools allow us to provide an intermedial approach to identifying key speech and language developmental difficulties in pupils age 4-16 years.  A thirty-minute assessment is completed with the child, followed by an observation to be completed by the class teacher or TA.


The information is then scored and a report is drawn up to outline any need for further referrals or a suitable programme of intervention that can be delivered by our staff. Alternatively, we can advise school staff and parents on strategies, resources and interventions that can be delivered at school or home.

Noticing children in your class who:

  • constantly struggle to follow instructions?

  • often copy others?

  • are easily distracted?

  • struggle to understand lessons?

  • have a limited vocabulary?

  • don't interact with peers?

  • struggle to sequence and understand narrative?

  • have poor articulation?

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