"Two children in every class of thirty will have a developmental language disorder not linked to other general learning difficulties"
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SpeakWrite was established with the aim of providing a flexible and affordable service to bridge the gap between NHS Speech and Language Therapy and the decreasing availability and skillset of school staff to identify and deliver specialist interventions.


Evidence suggests that language disorders are seven times more prevalent than other developmental conditions such as autism (Norbury, 2016) with some areas recognising over 50% of new Reception children entering with lower than expected levels of speech and language (Law et al, 2011)


Early identification of speech, language and communication difficulties is essential for a child's academic achievement and social integration. Evidence shows that without support, a child with poor oral language at age 5 is likely to experience difficulties with reading comprehension and learning well into adult life (Save the Children, 2016).







Speakwrite ethos..


Communication is key to our learning and wellbeing and as an educator, my passion is to see children thrive both in their learning and social interactions. I value every child for what they can do and not how many boxes we can tick on a development chart! It is my aim to equip children with the strategies and skills to become confident communicators enabling a love of learning and the independence to achieve their full potential.  


I work closely with schools, parents and external agencies to share best practice, ensuring support is reinforced within all areas of the child's life.




North Staffordshire and surrounding areas


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